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is the water in the glass?
you know its not impossible for you to have a moment where the world just catchs up to you, time slowly and you see everything and wonder why.
course most pase that off as nothing more then a thought and leave it at that.
why can't I do that, for even just a moment why can I not see the glass as half full and not something to veiw for it simple being a glass with water in it?
its not logic its simplisty staring me in the face and saying no, do I just scream and fight beat the walls and floor like a nine year old caouse I can not stop caring about why?
maybe I am just sain making me just that much more wrong then others around me, I'm some normal person living with unnormale people everyday.
Maybe I'm just as crazy or more then the rest.
  who see's patterns in movie trailers to the level of knowing the movie before you see it, who see prue honesty in the most hatfilled actions and lies in the most loving of intentions?
these are not the m
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could you see it coming?
could you see the truth of the pain coming?
that hard slap to the face did it sting or did you just blink it away you worthless fuck?
did you go deaf when she cried your name or did you just not want to hear the truth that you hard harmed her honestly and truly?
you a prick and you now it you worthless ass really you are some monster that, you showed her faith loving truth and you end out with a killing blow!
where are you going beyond to the rest of the world no you can't get that far would it matter its still in your mind slaming again and again to the surfce
know the truth you prick!
know what you ahve done and be honest smell your worthless piss of shit ass
I'm not going to stand for it any more!
no more you here me?
if I could I'd walk into your mind and blow everything away like thought fucked up school shooter only their aiming at the wrong people you need to be brought down!

did you see it coming when they..... when you harmed them?
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shadow figure for a hero
Do you hear that? It my heart is it broken or just loud? Only one person could tell me that and I have yet to meet them. It so hard to forget that sound and go to sleep at night cold and alone my nest empty but full of pain. But I and only I replace that sound with music with the moans and groans of the world about me I cover my tears and walk onward. Can you hear that it your hurt it beats are in pain like me please don't cover it up like me don't forget all of this that pain needs to be let out.
Away he slips the stranger how spoke about the sounds of the heart leaving thus about him worried only for a moment and others he had touched forever. The pain about him heals and there nothing wrong with that to him everyone needs to have some one worse off in their eyes why can't it be him?
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bleeding fists
My fist bloody and pained from all the fighting scares of past losses and hardship fought long ago and won over.
After all is felt in pain and anger I well begging it to keep coming for the fight to never end.
I take the pain as joy for it means two things for me, that I am still alive and that I am wining.
That thru all what could have destroyed me and rightfully should have a have stood my ground and knowing that I still here well as ever.
Thank you to the pain in my fist and the blood on my face the bruises covering over my eyes.
Thank you for this marked world now show me what you can truly do to me because I have faced you long enough to no longer fear you.
That is enough for me to stand on.
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the story of a Stewart
This is just story of the dullness that is Stewart woods, you see Stewart is a male escaping into the real world with out any true hope of being some thing big or that life owes him anything.
To truly understand this gray soul you would have to under stand his gasohol world the prison he had just escaped from with scaring that no one could blame him for holding dear as is a vice for love could truly rise from this bottomed  out souls that was Stewart L. Woods.
You see in high school Stewart knew or was just sure of the fact that he was just a tolerated person to thoughts he called even Stewart agreed with this sad relation he didn't let that take him down in life it was just his fate.
The way the world would be for him thru out life and nothing more or less would come of it not that Stewart should seem like a crying teen no its just the way he was seen and how he saw him self.
He did love one or twice thought in his doomed fate love didn't last long but left behind deep scare
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last words 'not a true story'
Today I stand before you knowing tomorrow we well see only half of you are brothers still among us living.
we here are one
more then just many packs but one group of wolfs it is here and now we shall end the hiding, the runing we have done for so long ago.
we shall run in the open ones more as equals to all or we shall not fear thought how can not stand in the sun.
not a single one of are enimieas shall forget facing us we shall show them the sharpness of are claws and the length of are teeth.
we shall show the strength of a wolf by fighting day and not with out stoping
and in prais of the godess we shall not fall
It was not long after thes gailent speech the largest werewolf and vampire open war took place.
the true size or the one great packs are unknow but we do know that were nine packs fighting as one in their wolf forms.
It is also said that their are 19 vampire trids and or famliy that fought aginst the wolfs.
the was unendi
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Mature content
beast a twine :iconlordvolkhark:lordvolkhark 0 2
evil Q
Were is good without evil? what is evil without good nothing with out the other there is neither good nor evil so there well never be good without evil one well never out do the other for long and one can never stamp out the other so dose this mean good is evil and evil is good at the same time isn't that some thing to think on?
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dragon and the wind
A dragon has fallen and there is a wolf a man and a bat left to morn him. This is the being of a downfall in the wolf life.
One that is full of madness anger and wrong doing mix together with the weeping for second fallen comrade.
The free one the one how walk on his own path.  He lead him self down the wrong road the road that lead to sadness loneliness.
He aloud himself to be swept away from the one has how truly loved him.
So deeply was he lost down this wrong path that tool he lead him self with his heart that was now broken could no longer see the path back.
Back to the ones how loved him back to the freedom he ones enjoyed.
There for in his mined and heart that remained he saw no other way than to leave this world.
So now, the wolf morn is two how have fallen the dragon and the wind.
Now thru the unfolding of the soul do we watch another fall from the wolfs pack as torture of self-pity is filled in the eyes of the forgotten son we see his own distortion done by his hand
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sorrowed lover
an attempted to under stand a lovers lose by one how has never had such a lose.
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  I am no more then an ear a shoulder to cry on and I'm okay with that Maybe that's me as person a heart who really know anyway besides me. So in truth I'm meant to be alone at least for now it allows my to walk forward is that I'm meant to do this here's at least a good thought it has nothing to do with a higher power that I have not made a wall that I can not cross is not my stopping point anymore. Still theirs only so long I'll last shit that not even a fearful thought in fact its more a comfort alone that it well end not that I'm waiting for that pining away for that sweet release bullshit no I've gone thru to much just to fall now I'll leave it to fate to smack me down it would happen if I'm old and regaled or young and what some would call stupid but again no one truly knows their time. Now theirs nothing but to do as I have said and done before I well go on I well keep writing down my souls thoughts I'll go on helping the world around me in my small way that gains me nothing and I well just go on no matter what. This is what I leave you for another year in 2007 read my heart in every piece and may it bring you peace.    
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